Building a Better Athlete

Sports Fitness?

If you are an athlete or parent of an athlete you probably focus on the sport your child plays more than their fitness and health. Here at Building a Better Athlete we believe an athletes fitness and lifestyle plays directly into how they perform on and off the field. By improving your strength, agility, coordination, balance, etc. we believe we can improve your sports performance. The fundamentals of what we teach and coach are anchored in the fundamentals of CrossFit, because we like the idea of preparing our athletes for anything life throws at them!

Sports Nutrition

An athletes nutrition can make a great difference in their performance. Not only on the field but also academically. This is why we integrate nutrition coaching, paleo nutrition, the zone principles, and more into our blog articles and programs. We also offer a number of nutrition products and programs for athletes and their families. Why families too? Because for an athlete to change their lifestyle they need a support system that will encourage them!



Mental Motivation & Coaching

We believe 50% of any sport is the mental game. We want athletes to be mentally tough, and we believe by providing parents, coaches, and athletes with tools and resources that help them understand how an athlete thinks will increase performance in athletes, teams, and prepare athletes for college. 






Improve your family, nutrition, and fitness for higher sports performance!

What is Building a Better Athlete?

We are the worlds foremost resource for athletes, coaches, and parents. We provide athletes with the resources and tools they need to perform at an elite level. Whether you are a young athlete or a seasoned player we have something to offer you. Our specialties include: Sports nutrition, Strength, conditioning, and the mental game. Why are we different than most athlete websites? We don't focus solely on one aspect of your game, we believe for you to reach your athletic goals you need to be well rounded, and that is why we make sure to improve every part of your game.

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How do we help you improve your performance?

We value community and learning from successful players. This is why we have enlisted a number of collegiate, pro, and even Olympic athletes to write articles on their experiences as athletes and in life. We believe these articles are a great addition to our community and allow you to learn directly from someone who has had valuable, good, and bad experiences. Our athlete community is free to join, simply subscribe to our blog for free! Once you have joined our community you will receive our helpful articles straight to your email. That way you never miss out!

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Our Programs, Workshops, and Courses

We know just reading from articles isn't going to get you to the elite level, and that is why we also provide a number of programs for athletes. Including: Sports nutrition plans, strength programs, CrossFit exercise plans, courses, workshops, and more. Most importantly we offer all of this for every athlete, any age, and any sport. Coaches and parents, we also have workshops and courses that can help you build your athletes.We are in the process of adding several courses to our website, you will be able to log in, learn through video's and articles, take quiz's, and track your progress and more.

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Father of two athletes.

just wanna say thank you and let you know how much you inspired my family to acknowledge the goodness we already have and challenge us to become healthier and wiser about choices we make. Your demeanor is special, always positive and ethusiastic, affirming and with out question so encouraging.