6 Benefits of Paying for Sports Lessons

6 Benefits of Paying for Sports Lessons
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Sports lessons for youth sportsPrivate Lessons are an excellent way to improve specific parts of your game and get to a higher level.  Private lessons are customized to the individual athlete and are the ultimate way to achieve accelerated improvement.  They provide a one-one-one setting with an expert and can often be the key to accelerating your child’s athletic abilities.

6 Benefits of Sending Your Child to Private Sports Lessons



1. Extra attention for Your Child: Depending on your child’s age and sport they might be practicing with a youth club team, High School Team, or traveling team. However, these teams often struggle with giving each child the specific attention that they need to truly develop their skills. Signing your child up for sports lessons will get them the attention to detail that they need. A good expert in your sport will critique and break down movements with drills, and fundamentals. If your child often feels lost in practice, or feels like they can’t keep up with their coach then lessons are ideal. They will get instruction that is much slower and focuses on their skills.

2. Practice Makes Perfect: Have you heard practice makes perfect? Well in my family we say perfect practice makes perfect. If you and your child are trying to practice on your own but are doing the wrong fundamentals then it can actually hurt your child. I find that younger children often fall into this trap. As a parent you try to teach them to the best of your abilities, but if you lack knowledge and experience in the game you could be creating bad habits for your child. If you do plan on coaching your child and doing lessons at home or on your own I encourage you to research and learn the correct basic fundamentals first. This will help your child in the long-term and instill the correct fundamentals in their game.

3. Relationship: In my experience I have taken lessons with multiple softball coaches and experts. What I have discovered is, the coaches who cultivated a relationship with me are the ones I learned the most from. Ken Camuso is a great example of a coach who really gets to know the athletes he teaches. I consider Ken to be another father figure to me, we spent hours daily together working on my swing and fielding. In that time, he not only developed my skills as a softball player, he also developed my mental abilities. He toughened me up, and taught me to never give up. When choosing a coach for your child I urge you to choose a coach who is friendly, calm, and values the mental game of your sport. While my example is from softball, I believe this applies to all sports. Athletes respond better to people who can communicate, stay calm, and who really care about them.

4. Dedicate Time: Setting up lessons for your child is a great way to schedule and plan special time for your child to work on their sport. Many athletes have a lot of things happening in their life that take up time. Especially if you are a multi sport athlete. School, homework, school practices, family events, friends… There are always plenty of reasons to push extra practice and work off the table, but when you commit to private sports lessons you are setting times and dates with a third-party. This makes it unlikely that you will push your extra practice aside.

5. No Arguing: I have seen this over and over again, heck I have lived it! There is nothing more frustrating than arguments between a parent and child over practice, and that is exactly what tend to happen as your athlete gets older. For some reason as athletes and kids age they don’t agree as much with their parents and private practices often tend to lead to a blow out. This is a waste of time, and often facilitates animosity in your child and frustration for you as a parent. Instead of arguing over sports fundamentals, skills and drills, hire a third-party coach for lessons. Athletes often show more respect, and trust an expert for sports. This often eliminates or at least diminishes arguments during practices and get’s you off the hook!

6. Optimized Time: While I encourage parents to work with their children privately, I also know their time could be better spent. An expert coach will accomplish more, and get better results in a shorter period of time than a parent. I know there are parents who have experience and are considered experts in sports, and this does not apply to you. This is aimed at parents who are attempting to teach with no experience or knowledge in their childs sport of choice.

Parents, while these are reasons to get your child private lessons for your sports. I understand lessons can be costly and some families can’t afford it. In these cases you should research and become as knowledgable in the game as you can. The more you learn, the more you will be able to transfer to your child and help them achieve their goals. If you can’t afford lessons here are a few tips:

  1.  Ask your child’s coach what he or she needs to improve their skills.
  2. Find an expert who can assess your child, tell them your situation and ask if they can give you one lesson, assess your child and tell you what to start working on. This will at least give you a third-party expert opinion and set you on the right track, without too much cost.
  3. Research on Youtube, there are a number of videos that teach you step by step. Show the video to your child, and then practice the drills.

Best of luck to you, thanks for reading!

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