Athlete Swagger: How to Spot a Diva/Divo

Athlete Swagger: How to Spot a Diva/Divo
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I recently found this funny reporting video, and as I watched I thought wow this really applies to athletics. How? Athletics is home to some of the biggest Diva’s and Divo’s known to society.

The beginning of this video is a lame ad, but right after the show will start!

What is a Diva/Divo?

A Diva is usually a term used for female singers, the male version being a Divo however this term often gets placed on individuals in other industries than music. Maybe your child is a bit of a Diva, or maybe you are.

Characteristics of a Diva/Divo Athlete:

Diva’s and Divo’s are often people who crave attention and praise however there are different types says WSJ Reporter.

Healthy and Un-healthy Diva’s

  • Un-Healthy Diva’s often crave attention and are very charismatic, however they don’t share the attention or give recognition to those that support them.
  • Healthy Diva’s are often charismatic and want to share the limelight. They are seen as spirited, fun, and positive, and like to stand up for others.

SWAGGERIf you are raising an athlete it is important that you remind them to show gratitude and share the limelight with their fellow teammates, coaches, and supporters. If these principles are not discussed early then you run the risk of raising a little tyrant Diva like Honey Boo Boo or Kobe Bryant, sorry Lakers fans.


Athletic Recruiting and Diva’s/Divo’s:

Growing up in a competitive athlete family and playing sports with the goal of getting a scholarship has taught me a few things. One tip I often share with parents and players is to always be respectful, and professional on and off the field. If you think all that matters is how good you are, you will soon find how good you really aren’t. College coaches look for character in their players. They don’t want to bring someone on their team who is going to be disrespectful, rude, or cocky. Diva’s listen up, if you know you have a skill that’s great, but if you don’t show a good character, and show that you’re coachable then your going to get the can.

The Oregon Ducks Softball team is a great example of great recruiting not just for skills, but also for heart and character. I believe their current success, and the success’s of their team over the years originates from their recruiting style and the coaching staffs emphasis on professionalism and heart.

Many teams are conducting personality tests similar to the Meyer’s Briggs Personality tests in a better effort to understand the personalities of their players. The Ducks are one of these teams, which show the great coaching staff that they have.

Try this little story on for size before you go revealing your Diva like qualities in a bathroom or public place. When I was getting recruited and a number of my teammates I was waiting in the bathroom line at a heavily recruited softball tournament. As I waited I heard the uncensored and very Diva like communication between two players in the bathroom stalls. No big deal, a regular thing at any sporting event. But what these two young ladies didn’t realize is that three different college recruiting coaches were standing in line too. Their eyebrows rising with every curse word, and negative comment. For those of you at high levels of competition you are probably familiar with the gossip and banter of players and parents. This is a warning, don’t get caught with your pants down, be professional at all times. Save complaints and discussions for more private venues.

Talk the Talk…Then You Better Walk the Walk!

If your child exudes Diva like Athlete qualities and tendencies it is important to remind them that if they portray a Diva they have to follow through with the skills to back up the hype. The worst type of athletes and Diva’s are those who talk a big game, but fail to deliver.  If you are a Diva/Divo then be one that is charismatic, fun, and positive. Always give credit to your supporters and family.

Parent’s…good luck with your little Diva’s!


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