Athlete’s Freshman 15 Got You Down: Shape Up With Dorm Cooking Tricks!

Athlete’s Freshman 15 Got You Down: Shape Up With Dorm Cooking Tricks!
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Have you been eating at the cafeteria day in and day out. We get it, a buffet of food is very enticing. It’s hard to eat healthy. Plus if you live in a dorm that doesn’t allow hot plates, or have a stove then it’s even harder! We get it, it’s tough. You have probably gained close to 20lb’s since you started college, and even worse you don’t know what or how to eat to shed those pounds. We get it, it’s almost impossible. Almost, but not impossible.

Many athletes leave for college and are swept away by the excitement, not to mention their busy schedules make cooking and planning their meals even harder. You have to go from weights, to class, to practice, and study hall day in and day out. It’s downright exhausting. However, we have a few nutrition tips for athletes in college and those planning for college.

Dorm Room Cooking: What Can You Cook in a Microwave?

While cooking in a dorm is not five star, most are equipped with a microwave. This is your secret weapon! Microwaves can be used to steam most all vegetables. Including:

Carrots. Heat in microwave for roughly two minutes with a small amount of water in a bowl. Make sure heated carrots are minimal in your diet as they are a high source of sugar.

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Broccoli. Heat in microwave for roughly two minutes with a small amount of water in a bowl.

Asparagus. Be careful with these, if you microwave them to long they will get mushy. Less is more.

Brussels Sprouts (They are better than you expect)

Sweet Potatoes. Cut small rounds, put in a microwave safe dish and microwave until a fork goes in easily. When done, add cinnamon and cayenne pepper, it’s to die for!

Potatoes. Cut in smaller pieces for faster microwaving.

Oatmeal (Try to eat steel cut oats, not instant oatmeal when possible) Add Oats, frozen berries, and cinnamon for an amazing combo. Pour a little coconut milk, or almond milk as needed. This is a delicious option that tastes like cobbler.

Any frozen veggies. Feel like a healthy pick-me-up? Grab a bag of frozen veggies — whatever you like — and toss them in a bowl with a little bit of water. Microwave until they’re hot.

Poached Eggs. These sometimes require a special microwave egg poacher, but you can easily find them at the grocery store or a place like Target or Walmart.

Bacon. Yes it can be done! Grab a plate, put down several paper towels, lay down a few strips of bacon, and cook until done. Added bonus: the paper towels absorb most of the fattening grease.

Scrambled Eggs. Cracking some eggs, putting them in a bowl, mixing with a fork, and cooking (sometimes mixing while cooking) is easier than you think. And feel free to throw in some of that bacon you also cooked, and even some spinach. Trust us, it’s amazing.

Black Beans. Black beans are a great source of energy for athletes. You can add them to almost anything. We recommend heating them up, adding them to your scrambled eggs, and topping with salsa or half an avocado. Stay focused, you are building a lean mean performance machine.

Dorm Room Recipes for Athlete’s

1 whole Egg, and two egg whites Scrambled in Microwave
1 Cup Black Beans Heated in Microwave
Half an Avocado sliced
Two Tablespoons Salso or as Needed

Directions: Heat egges in microwave stirring after heating every 30 seconds. This won’t take long so keep an eye on them. Heat your black beans for about a minute or until warm. Put scrambled eggs and black beans in bowl, then top with avocado slices and salsa.

1 Apple, a palm size serving of lean turkey, and a handful of almonds.

Heat up Bacon
Poach an egg
Heat Brussels sprouts until fork goes cleanly in

Directions: Chop bacon, eggs, and Brussels, then add to a bowl of mixed greens. Add sliced deli meat on top. Then drizzle with olive oil & Balsamic. Treat your olive oil as if it were cheese being sprinkled on. Another great tip, is to buy a rotisserie chicken from a local grocery store and slice up to have on hand for salads like this one.

5 Strawberries
Half a Sweet Potato
Rice Cake (Brown Rice) with Almond Butter on top.

Rotisserie Chicken Breast
Frozen veggies microwave with bacon
Sweet Potatoes

Directions: Microwave bacon, slice up, add to frozen veggies in microwave bowl. Microwave until veggies are warm. Microwave Sweet potato’s, mash when soft, add cinnamon & cayenne pepper.

For the most part these meals are suggested with the Zone diet in mind. The zone diet is known to help improve athlete nutrition, increase weight loss, and encourage a healthy heart. If you like what you read here, please subscribe to our blog by entering your email to the form at the top right of this page.

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