Cherries: The New Athlete Elixir

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Athletes are always looking for products to help them recover from their active lifestyles, and stay energized. But what is available for college athletes and young athletes who want a to build a healthy body and stamina, but don’t want all those nasty chemicals in their body?

Cheribundi is an all natural, tart cherry drink for athletes. They have a number of flavors that boast electrolytes, why protein for rebuilding and more! It is also used by NCAA and Pro Champs!


What’s the Big Deal It’s Just Cherries, Right?

Don’t let these little bottles fool you, they have a lot going on! 50 Cherries to be exact! And they are packed into a tiny little 8oz bottle of magic. Why cherries?  Rich with nutrients, tart cherries can help you recover from exercise, sleep better, and in general, live life to the fullest because you feel better. Instead of eating 50 cherries a day, you can get the same benefits by drinking cheribundi™.


How was This Cherry Magic Discovered?

Cherribundi has a rather unique story, and I think it is sort of a testimate to the power of super foods, and clean natural nutrients vs. the chemically enhanced sugar drinks most athletes have drank in the past.

Sometimes it takes regular people to stumble upon a really good thing. That’s how cheribundi™ was created: snacking on tart cherries eased a regular person’s back pain. This anecdotal cure was researched by food scientists at Cornell University who not only uncovered the benefits of tart cherries, but also developed a proprietary juicing process so all the cherry-goodness and nutrients could be delivered in a great tasting juice.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.53.29 PMOur Taste Test  & Performance Review

After hearing about the power of Cheribundi we decided we wanted to test it out for ourselves. The results were more than interesting. Our sample included: A CrossFit coach, CrossFit athlete, 12 year old athlete, a parent, and even a USA team member. Each of them agreed the taste could have been a little less shocking, however in comparison to other super fruit drinks these were mild in taste.

Winning Cheribundi a Taste score of 5 out of 10.


Next we asked our taste testers to give honest reviews on how they felt, and if they could tell a difference from drinking Cheribundi. While each of them tried a different Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.53.34 PMversion of Cheribundi they had some similar results. They all agreed they felt good after drinking, and none of them experienced an uneasy stomach after downing the 50 Cherries. Our CrossFitter admitted that she felt like she recovered faster than normal after drinking the Rebuild version of Cheribundi with Whey protein. The other big crowd pleaser was the Restore version of Cheribundi, which provides your body with electrolytes, and B-vitamins to put back what your work-out or game used up. Our 12 year old athlete loved this one! After basketball practice, dance, and a long day at school she felt rejuvenated after drinking the Restore Cheribundi. As for the other versions of our Cherry drink, no major results were found. However this was only after one tasting of the cherry drink.

Overall Performance score for Cheribundi is a 6 out of 10.


Don’t take our word for it, try Cheribundi for yourself and see what athletes are raving about! Want to know more… visit their website.

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