How to Come Back from a Set-back in Dieting

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First of all, I hate the word dieting. It’s like this dirty word that has been used over and over, and now it just leaves even a worst taste in your mouth, like that low-fat microwave dinner you thought would make you fit.

The first step to coming back from any set-back is getting in the right frame of mind. Forget that icky Diet word, and focus on these 4 goals.

1. Get a notebook to journal everything!

2. Re-stock your kitchen and throw out tempting food

3. Get the people around you on board, no closet eating!

4. Get Inspired!


Why a Journal?

I have to admit I was skeptical of journeying too, in fact half the time I still forget a day or meal from my own journal. Partly because I get going so fast in the day that I forget. However, I can say without a doubt that writing down the meals I eat, and my workouts have made a tremendous difference in my weight loss journey. My journal usually consists of dodgy notes written frantically, outlining my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. At the bottom of the page I like to jot down my workout for the day. At the very back of my notebook, on the last page I have my max lift history. Including old and new max’s for CrossFit WODS, and benchmark lifts.


SEE YA Tempting Cheetos, Chips, and Ice-Cream!

I can promise you by day two of your quest for rock hard abs you will be searching high and low for that stash of Ice-Cream you had hidden in the far back of your freezer. So, get rid of it now. Commit 100%. If you really want to make a change, then you will need to commit without doubt, so get rid of the junk, and stock up on healthy alternatives.


LOVE without the Calories

Love is not food, and food is not love. You cannot change relationships by feeding the ones you love comfort food. It might make you feel better for the moment, but as soon as the sugar coma wears off and the food has lost its comfort you will be filled with regret for your recent binge session. The best way to start off on the right foot, is to get your boyfriend, husband, family on board. Express your feelings, tell them your goals, and why they are so important to you. If they love you, and want what’s best they will help you on your way to fitness.


Inspiration is More than Pictures

Here is your mission, find 3 blogs that match your personal goals and style. Each should have their own voice and fill you with fitness excitement. Subscribe to their blogs and start reading their work. Trust me, it will help you stay on track and give you ideas.

Thank you for reading, please leave me a comment. I would love your feedback and to hear any questions you may have.


It's only fair to share...Pin on PinterestShare on Google+Share on FacebookPrint this pageTweet about this on Twitter

A little more about Natasha Hawkins...

Experience: Division 1 Fastpitch Softball player at San Jose State. Degree: B.S in Marketing and Advertising Certifications: Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Interests: She loves the way the brain works and how personalities and attitude can create a warrior of an athlete that will always persevere and make success for themselves. While she is not a certified nutritionist she studies and practices the Paleo diet and Zone eating. Quirk: I am an avid archer and hunter. Yup, it's true. I have shot archery since I could walk, and hunted with my Dad since I was born. I also have a sister (Cheridan Hawkins) who is a stud pitcher for the Oregon Ducks Softball Team and is on the Junior Olympic Team. My youngest sister Charli Hawkins trains with me at CrossFit and is also a catcher on the 12U California Grapettes. Follow Natasha on Twitter: @NatashaBHawkins