Demystifying the NCAA Eligibility Requirements: SAT Testing for Athletes!

Demystifying the NCAA Eligibility Requirements: SAT Testing for Athletes!
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I was having a conversation with my sister, who is a PAC 12 Fastpitch Softball player, somehow we ended up on the topic of the SAT and tests required by athletes for the NCAA Clearinghouse. From this conversation I found a little nugget that I want to share with athletes and parents of athletes.

The Issue: Why don’t more people know when they should take the SAT & ACT  Tests? They are Required of Athletes and can directly affect eligibility.

NCAA Eligibility and SAT Testing for Athletes

Get amazing tips tricks and more from our amazing infographic on the SAT.

Translated: If you don’t take the tests, or you do poorly you might not get in to the college or your dreams.

I write this article to persuade you of the importance of these tests, and to give you some amazing tips and tricks to help you improve your scores and get the upper hand on these villains we call the SAT and ACT.

What Do I Need to Be Elligible through the NCAA Clearing House?

Check out our amazingly helpful infographic that has stats and tips for NCAA eligibility (Its at the very bottom of our blog!)

Freshman Year, where NCAA Eligibility Starts!

You must have a High School plan, it is very important that you map out your classes and make sure any college required classes are in your plan. This is your road map for High School. Make sure you stick to it. We have heard horror stories of friends, and athletes who have missed out on great opportunities for college sports all because they didn’t make sure they were taking the right classes needed to be eligible. Without this plan you might fall under the number of courses needed to be eligible and this could keep you from your dream team. Don’t be that player who gets left behind because of a Spanish class.

During your Sophomore Year:

  1. Explore advanced placement classes. These can really help if you pass AP tests. It can actually shorten the number of classes you have to take in college if you pass!
  2. Ask if the PSAT/ NMSQT® is offered to 10th graders. These tests are typically taken in the Junior year but can be offered to Sophomores.
  3. Think about taking the subject tests. While you could wait until Junior year, it is advised to take these tests while the material is still fres
  4. Keep up your participation in school activities or volunteer efforts

During Junior Year:

  1. Take the PSAT/NMSQT
  2. Plan for Spring Tests, you can take both subject tests and SAT tests on the same day.
  3. Study! Get ready for your tests. Their are a lot of resources and practice tests you can take. Look online!
  4. Send Your Scores to Colleges. If you know which schools you’d like to receive your scores, then consider sending them in the spring of your junior year. Colleges see this as a sign of interest and may use scores to qualify you for special campus visits programs, information sessions in your hometown or for scholarships.

Senior Year:

  1. Take the SAT again, and take it as many times as you can. The more often you take it the more you score will increase.
  2. Improve your scores
  3. Take your subject tests again.
  4. Send in your scores and make known of any updated scores on your sports bios, team bios, and the NCAA Clearinghouse. It’s very important to keep these updated. You never know who might be looking.

We have created an infographic on NCAA Eligibility and the SAT/ACT Tests for athletes. Hope you find it helpful!


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