Coach, Athlete, Parent, Number 1 Fan- His Name is Dad

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There once was a man so strong, and powerful no one could stop him. He played any sport you asked him to and he was good at all of them. He was determined, competitive, and had the makings of a pro athlete. In fact, his senior year of High School he decided to try out the sport of Wrestling. Apparently trying out a sport means going 110%, losing your first match, then having the heart and dedication to never lose a match after that. In fact, this man even became a state champion in wrestling that same year!




Because he found another love.

He had me.

He made a family.

He became a Dad.

I hope all of our readers and athletes realize the love, dedication, and hard work it takes to raise a child, and in my dad’s case three daughters. You see my dad really wanted a boy, but it just wasn’t in the plan, and he ended up with three opinionated, awnry, and athletic girls.


Looking back, I don’t think a boy could handle my dad, but that’s a side note. Let’s get back to the story.


cher-dad-oregonMy dad was an amazing athlete, he was big and fast, and an animal, but what I don’t think people realize is in my eyes he is still an amazing athlete. While growing up I have seen him run a 50 yard sprint after my sister as she makes a run for it, probably faster than when he was in High School. I have seen him get so competitive at my little league games that I thought he might blow a gasket, and I have even watched him lift 600 pounds as we backpacked a hunted in Idaho.

You see, I think I have learned all of my athletic and competitive qualities from my dad, not because we are blood, or that he was a star athlete in High School, it’s from watching him every day as I grew up. He transferred all of his athletic qualities into everyday life. Our family is infused with tenacity, hard work, dedication, courage, and more because that’s how my dad is with anything he does in life. He gives 110% and expects the people around him to rise to that level.


In fact, if you want to teach your kid something, ship him off to California and have him go hunting with my dad for a couple of days. I guarantee it will change him. Heck it might even improve his batting average.

dad-charli-oregonThe truth of the matter is, every dad is an athlete, a coach, the number one fan, and the most valuable player. You have one of the biggest affects on your child while they are growing up. Keep in mind you only get so many years to instill your values and beliefs in your children so make them count. Know that they watch everything they do, and they will remember everything. Sure they might not remember a trip to Disneyland at the age of 2, but if you parent with the intent to teach your children the values they need for life and sports then they will remember for a lifetime, and they will teach their children the same things.

That’s exactly what my dad did for my sisters and me. Sure he isn’t perfect, but he is one of the best coaches I have ever had, and I have learned more from him than I think he even known’s. 

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A little more about Natasha Hawkins...

Experience: Division 1 Fastpitch Softball player at San Jose State. Degree: B.S in Marketing and Advertising Certifications: Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Interests: She loves the way the brain works and how personalities and attitude can create a warrior of an athlete that will always persevere and make success for themselves. While she is not a certified nutritionist she studies and practices the Paleo diet and Zone eating. Quirk: I am an avid archer and hunter. Yup, it's true. I have shot archery since I could walk, and hunted with my Dad since I was born. I also have a sister (Cheridan Hawkins) who is a stud pitcher for the Oregon Ducks Softball Team and is on the Junior Olympic Team. My youngest sister Charli Hawkins trains with me at CrossFit and is also a catcher on the 12U California Grapettes. Follow Natasha on Twitter: @NatashaBHawkins