Glute & Quad Blessed Ladies – Find Your Perfect Fit!

Glute & Quad Blessed Ladies – Find Your Perfect Fit!
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First of all I have to give some credit for this title to my good friend Ashley Poli, she shared this amazing article from the CrossFit Journal and her wording was downright awesome.

Ladies this new guide from the CrossFit Journal is fun, up-beat, and seriously helpful. If your an athlete, and even more specifically a CrossFit athlete you have probably reaped the benefits of squats, deadlifts, thrusters, and all those other butt and quad building exercises. But even these benefits can have some adverse affects on our shopping.

Jeans guide for athletes

Don’t get me wrong, I love, LOVE my new body and I’m sure you do to, but let’s face it, picking out a pair of jeans has become a workout in itself. Skinny jeans are an absolute failure, and forget those cute high waisted pants everyone sports around.

Okay that was me venting a little. Seriously though, depending on your own body type I’m sure you are experiencing some struggles finding a good pair of jeans. In my case I have issues with my booty and quads. I have a really small waist, huge butt – thanks to my puerto rican mom and my love for squats, and my quads are large and in charge. You might even call them thunder thighs. The truth is I’m ok with all of this, and I actually love building muscle. What I don’t like, is that uncomfortable sweaty feeling you get when your trapped in a dressing room with 20 pairs of jeans lying on the floor, and not one of them fits right.

This is why I’m really promoting fun guides like the “Fit for the Fittest.” This guide might not be for every body type, but for those of you who are glute and quad blessed you might find some really helpful tips! These were my 3 take-aways from the guide.


3 of My Favorite Tips from “Fit for the Fittest.”


Jeans with a YokeI learned Jeans have a Yoke!

Sounds weird but, the yoke is my new best friend. Apparently that seam that arcs over your booty and dips down between pockets is actually called a yoke.




Jeans crease for athletes


A Crease Can Be Your Friend

I always assumed a crease right below my butt in jeans was a bad thing, and made it look like I was squeezing into jeans that were too small. I was wrong. What I learned was that you want a crease. After you wear your jeans for a couple hours it will smooth out and fit just right.



Jeans wash and fit to slim


Wash Tips

I always end up picking a dark wash all around, now I will look for a wash that is lighter in the front and darker in the back. This creates a slimming effect.



Want to read the full article? Click here!

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