Is CrossFit for Athletes? 2013 CrossFit Open

Is CrossFit for Athletes? 2013 CrossFit Open
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CrossFit is a newer sport that has lived in most warehouses, and basements until about 2010 . Since then CrossFit has exploded onto the scene and is making big headway on their mission to find the fittest on Earth. How does this apply to you as an athlete? Good question, here’s why.

As an athlete it is your responsibility to keep your body in performance shape. What does this mean? You can’t expect to just go to college, show up on the field, court, or in the pool and just be the best. It simply doesn’t happen like that. It takes time and dedication to get your body in athlete performance shape. Now is my time to get on my soap box…

Have you tried CrossFit yet?

CrossFit is a great way to keep your body ready for performance, and can also help you meet a lot of your performance goals as well. CrossFit uses a combination of strength, gymnastics, and cardiovascular endurence movements to keep you in tip top shape. The CrossFit mission is to prepare you for obstacles life throws at you. The workouts and movements are designed to help you improve in these 10 areas:

  1. Strength
  2. Cardio Respiratory Endurence
  3. Agility
  4. Coordination
  5. Balance
  6. Flexibility
  7. Stamina
  8. Speed
  9. Power
  10. Accuracy

Now, I don’t know about you but it looks like almost all of these 10 apply to any sport you could think of. As an athlete you need to improve your performance in all of these areas to be the best you can be and to perform at an elite level. Have I convinced you it’s worth trying yet?

Is CrossFit Safe?

Many people who have hesitation you join CrossFit have a fear of getting hurt. They picture a bunch of muscled out gym fanatics that lift 300 lbs. every day.This is not the case. CrossFit uses functional movements that you do day in and day out. Have you sat down in a chair today, bent over? Those are CrossFit movements. CrossFit teaches you how to do those movement safely. In essence you really are doing therapy in many classes. I learned this week that the reasons your wrists usually hurt when you first start CrossFit is because of the way you hold the bar in a front squat position, and in many of the movements. At first I thought wow this hurts, it can’t be good for me. I was wrong, this is actually a result of a natural physical therapy that occurs when you are in the bar holding position (rack position). Your tiny muscles and bones are being worked, but in a good way. This movement can actually help prevent carple tunnel in the wrist. Pretty helpful, right?

Squatting isn’t safe, or is it?

Another big argument is weather or not squatting is safe for you? I will put it this way, do you want to be able to lift yourself out of a chair unassisted when your 70, 80, 90…? Do you want to be able to lower yourself down onto the toilet at 60, 70, 80, 90? I hope that was a resounding YES! Then you must learn how to squat. You can’t expect to do these things at those ages without increasing your muscle strength and learning to do the movement without hurting yourself. Yes there are ways you could hurt yourself, but if you are really nervouse about joining a CrossFit then you should research your options. Search on yelp, and on Facebook and see what people are saying. Do they have a history of safety issues or injuries at their gym?

You might also have a picture of a group class that has one of these in it:
  • A drill sargent who is screaming and yelling at members
  • A group of 15 people who can all do pull ups like they were eating cake
  • A group of meet heads who all have ego’s
  • A group of 15 people who all look like this:


All of these assumptions and fears are false. I have had the privilege of visiting and atteding over 10 different CrossFits and out of those 10 these statements were never the case. Yes occassionally you have your super stars that attend the CrossFit class, but these athletes are few and far between. Most of the people who attend are just like you, and have their own goals they are trying to reach just like you.

Weather your an athlete, a mom, a coach, a dad, a sibling… it doesn’t matter. You can all join a CrossFit near you. The goal isn’t perfection, it’s progress! All you have to do is take the first step and try it out. I bet you will see results in no time.

For those athletes who doubt CrossFit, I ask you to consider this. What if you started now, what if before College you got as strong, flexible, coordinated, etc. as you could be? Do you think you would play better. Do you think you would feel more confident in your sport? I bet you would, I know I did and so have countless others after CrossFit.

If you want to learn more about CrossFit please take a look at our awesome infographic below!



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A little more about Natasha Hawkins...

Experience: Division 1 Fastpitch Softball player at San Jose State. Degree: B.S in Marketing and Advertising Certifications: Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Interests: She loves the way the brain works and how personalities and attitude can create a warrior of an athlete that will always persevere and make success for themselves. While she is not a certified nutritionist she studies and practices the Paleo diet and Zone eating. Quirk: I am an avid archer and hunter. Yup, it's true. I have shot archery since I could walk, and hunted with my Dad since I was born. I also have a sister (Cheridan Hawkins) who is a stud pitcher for the Oregon Ducks Softball Team and is on the Junior Olympic Team. My youngest sister Charli Hawkins trains with me at CrossFit and is also a catcher on the 12U California Grapettes. Follow Natasha on Twitter: @NatashaBHawkins