Not Training Over Summer? Other Athletes Are!

Not Training Over Summer? Other Athletes Are!
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Many college athletes come home after a long season and think they can relax, hang out on the couch, and eat whatever they want. I hate to say it but you are crazy wrong if this is what your doing. I know your tired, and worn out, and feel like you deserve a break, right? Sure your muscles are sore, and your body feels run down, but this is not the time to slack off and let another athlete pass your performance by. If you are a serious athlete who wants to get a college scholarship in sports, or already have a scholarship and are home for the summer then this blog will help you realize the importance of working out and eating healthy over summer. It will also give you a few tips to stay in shape and the types of workouts you should be doing.


Take Advantage of Your Time

In college and even during High School you are bombarded with events, practices, classes, homework, and more! Its stressful, busy, and downright a pain to really hyper focus on your skills. I have good news though, you have summer! Even if you are playing a sport over summer (which you should be, and we encourage) you still have way more time on your hands. Utilize this time to train, and get in the best shape of your life.


What if You Went Back to School Cut & Jacked?

I know a lot of the ladies are thinking I don’t want to get jacked, but take a look at this pic and tell me you don’t want to be jacked.
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The truth is summer is the prime time to prep your body for your sport and for life. Instead of wasting time take advantage of it. Use it to get an extra workout in, or prepare your food for the week. You will see results, and you will love them! What if you went back to college or your coach after a summer of hard work and looked amazing, felt even better, and was faster, could jump higher, etc..? Do you think it might help you beat out another player for your position, and increase your performance? Heck yes it will!!!!!


3 tips for Summer Sizzling!

Get in shape, get healthy, increase performance, and feel proud with these 3 summer tips for athletes.

1. Learn to Prepare Your Meals Using Zone Eating

Plan your meals for the week. Instead of winging it and eating whatever life throws at you, actually plan out your meals. For many of you this will be extremely new and might be challenging. Good news we are here to help! Add your questions in our comments section and we will answer them and walk you through summer! By preparing and planning your meals you will learn what you should include in every meal, what foods make you feel better before a workout, what foods actually make you feel lousy. When preparing your meals, it is important to include a healthy fat, protein, and carb in every meal and snack. Remember your goal is to get stronger, you won’t accomplish this by not eating, and you really won’t accomplish it by piling on the sugar!

Checkout these sites for help with planning your meals:


2. Hit the Gym at Least 3-4 Days a Week

Whether you are doing CrossFit, or traditional gym exercising, make sure you are putting in the time. If you don’t you won’t see any changes. Set goals for yourself. College athletes are usually sent home with a strict workout plan that may include olympic lifting, conditioning, and other sport related exercises. If college athletes are doing it then you should too! No matter what your age, there are things you can be doing. Find a coach, or someone you know who has experience in training or working out. Ask them for advice. Or do your own research, there is this nifty and super helpful thing called YouTube that has thousands of workouts, and athlete related workouts with instructional videos. Wow! Amazing! So get your butt off the couch, tell your friends your busy for at least an hour and go get your work in. Remember you are an athlete, this means you are always trying to be better.

Tip: Try searching for CrossFit workouts, at home CrossFit workouts, and even no equipment CrossFit workouts! Great results. 


3. Practice & Train

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you stop getting better. Improve yourself and your game with practice and training. Think of it this way, while your eating the potato chips on the couch, and watching that extra episode of full house, other athletes and even your teammates are passing you up. That’s just the cold hard truth of it. As soon as you stop working, you will notice people passing you up. If you don’t want that to happen to you then you better get up, grab your glove, grab a basketball, strap on your shoes and get to work. Train hard, and train smart. Work on fundamentals and your weaknesses. What is the weakest part of your game?

Are you slow?

Can’t Jump high?

Not too great at catching the drop ball?


These are the things you need to spend your time no, improve your weaknesses and you will drastically improve your game and it will show when you get back to live play.


Now that you got your butt chewing, are you going to get on it? If so, snap a pic of your training and send it to us with a little information about yourself. We would love to share with our community of athletes, coaches, and parents! Send pics to





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