Pregnancy & Exercise, Can It Be Done?

Pregnancy & Exercise, Can It Be Done?
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Working Out While Pregnant

This family photo was taken after little Tyce was born.

So many myths and misinformation surround pregnancy and exercise. I am a mother of three wild boys. I exercised during every single pregnancy. People always said to me “You are so lucky you hardly gain anything except a belly” Believe me its not luck. I didn’t give in to the idea that you should just sit around and eat bon bon’s. Don’t get me wrong not everyone should exercise. If you are someone who already exercises and you aren’t doing any new forms of exercise go for it. For me I ran till almost 30 weeks with my first two boys and then last year I started circuit training, which got me into crossfit. I found out I was pregnant a couple weeks after I joined North Rim Crossfit. Before I got pregnant my goal was to try to get to Regionals on a team. I never deviated from this goal.



I Did Squats, and Even Hit PR’s at CrossFit!

Throughout my pregnancy I hit several PR’s one of them being an overhead squat with 105 pounds for five repetitions at about 36 weeks. I was only able to do 55 pounds before I got pregnant. I still finished every WOD and rx’d most of them until around 30 weeks. I stopped box jumps around 16 weeks and didn’t do hand stand pushups after about 18 or 20 weeks. My last rope climb was at 24 weeks. I listened to my body everyday. If I was tired I slowed down. If I couldn’t breath I slowed down.

Get A Doctor’s Approval to Workout

I also informed my Dr. of the type of training I was doing. I even showed him a video of me doing 9 kipping pullups at 32 weeks pregnant. He said he had never seen anything like it but didn’t say I couldn’t or shouldn’t be doing it. I felt great and strong during the last two trimesters of my pregnancy.


I felt like I would get some strange looks from other people during some of the classes. I’m not sure if they were impressed that I was lifting more weight than them or if they thought I was hurting my baby in some way. My doctor said that there are just not enough women who have been studied during pregnancy to really show it being a bad or good thing. He told me he would love to do a study to show that women can exercise during pregnancy and it could be beneficial we just don’t have enough data. I think some people use pregnancy as an excuse to lay around. More power to them. That’s just not me.

Be Prepared for Criticism

Being part of the CrossFit community I saw a lot of negative comments on posts of pregnant women exercising. I can’t stand all of the negativity from people who have no proof it hurts the baby. I also thought to myself well thank goodness I mostly work out with a few women who are like me and I didn’t have to hear too much negativity. I am also very thankful that I have my husbands support. He would remind me that I am an athlete and my body is used to exercising at a higher level. I know that he would never want me to hurt our baby or myself. Sometimes when he would watch me workout I would see him laughing at my big belly while I did deadlifts or other Olympic moves. More and more women are exercising during pregnancy than ever before so hopefully people will realize it is ok.

Is working out while pregnany ok?

Little Tyce is Healthy and Happy!

I had my little Tyce at 39 weeks. He was a healthy 8 pound 5 ounce baby. He is the happiest and the most alert of all of our boys at this age. I had him on a Monday and I was in the gym on Saturday. I did some pullups, dips, kettle bell swings and rowed. I took Sunday off and then went back to working out with the girls I have been training with for Team. I competed in the Crossfit Open four weeks after Tyce was born. I then ended up finishing the open 263 out of over 3000 women in Northern California not bad considering most women don’t even go back to they gym till 6-8 weeks post-partem. Our gym was able to qualify to have a team go to regionals and I am so proud to say I am on that team. I got some negative comments from family saying I shouldn’t be working out so soon after pregnancy but I know what my body is able to do and my doctor gave me permission as well.


Crossfit While Pregnant

Don’t Let Pregnancy Be A Handicap

I really feel that the idea of not working out for 6-8 weeks is not meant for everyone. I laughed when I read the discharge saying to not vacuum or lift anything heavy for 4-6 weeks. This information is really outdated and too generalized. Don’t let pregnancy be a handicap, but remember the most important thing is the health of your baby.

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A little more about Heidi Dausman...

I am a 35 year old mother, wife and athlete. I have 3 little boys who I adore and love sharing a healthy active lifestyle with them. My husband and I are on the North Rim CrossFit's team. We have both been doing cross fit for about a year. We take our kids to the gym with us so they know that exercise is a part of our lives everyday. We also work hard to eat healthy whole fields, which our kids call body builders. I have always lived an active lifestyle I did a lot of running and competed in many local races in our area. I also completed two sprint triathlons. In 2011 I competed in the Chico Bodybuilding show and placed 2nd place in the figure division. I love the feeling I get after a great workout and with cross fit I love that I feel stronger than the day before.

  • Taylor

    Great article! I’m impressed that you were able to recover so quickly. It’s also good to hear another females perspective and provide relevant (modern) information. Heidi, by chance do you blog or have a website?

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