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Good news, I just PR’ed my Deadlift. Which I am really happy about considering I hurt my back a couple of  months ago and had to work my way back up. On the flip side of this really happy moment, I find myself sitting, writing and watching one of my addictions, “The Voice.”  Only I’m surprised to find myself daydreaming about all the tasty sweet just a few feet away. I was almost ready to give in to my sweet cravings when I read a great page from one of my favorite fitness magazines.

The Article Title was “Sweet Nothings,”

The article was about a study of obese mice. The obese mice had fewer taste buds capable of registering sweetness than the trim mice did. Did you know that weight gain may actually trigger hormones that alter the taste cells! What’s worse is if you eat foods high in fat, they can actually directly affect your taste cells. What does all this mean? Study author Kathryn Medler, Ph.D says “If your body doesn’t get the message that you’ve had a cookie, you might go for a whole stack to hit the spot.”

If this nifty little stat doesn’t have you satisfied, try Thought Control. 

Thought Control is one of the best ways to curb cravings. And I don’t mean Star Wars mind reading, or witchy stuff. I mean actually re-focusing your thoughts to benefit yourself.

Step 1 to masting your thoughts:
Focus on the positive payoffs of avoiding the food . My happy thought is me in my wedding dress. Looking lean and fit as I walk down the isle.


Step 2:
If you slack a little, or give in to a craving, don’t linger on the negative. Getting yourself down in the dumps and staying in that place can lead to even more bad mistakes. Instead of moping around, and making yourself feel bad do something to pull yourself back to the bright side.


Step 3:
Repeat. Making this change just once won’t make a huge difference, but the beauty is in the repetition. Once you make this a habit you will find it much easier to resist those sweet teats.


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A little more about Natasha Hawkins...

Experience: Division 1 Fastpitch Softball player at San Jose State. Degree: B.S in Marketing and Advertising Certifications: Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Interests: She loves the way the brain works and how personalities and attitude can create a warrior of an athlete that will always persevere and make success for themselves. While she is not a certified nutritionist she studies and practices the Paleo diet and Zone eating. Quirk: I am an avid archer and hunter. Yup, it's true. I have shot archery since I could walk, and hunted with my Dad since I was born. I also have a sister (Cheridan Hawkins) who is a stud pitcher for the Oregon Ducks Softball Team and is on the Junior Olympic Team. My youngest sister Charli Hawkins trains with me at CrossFit and is also a catcher on the 12U California Grapettes. Follow Natasha on Twitter: @NatashaBHawkins