Fastpitch Softball

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Fastpitch Softball Products & Services

Fastpitch softball is at the heart of Building a Better Athlete. Not to say we don't specialize or value other sports, but Softball is really where it all started.  Our founder Natasha Hawkins, played softball for over 20 years, and earned a Softball Scholarship to San Jose State University where she played first base. Natasha is the older sister of  Cheridan Hawkins, lefty #strikeoutqueen for the Oregon Ducks softball program and Charli Hawkins, who is a youth catcher for the California Grapettes 12U softball team. 

The goal of starting Building a Better Athlete is to get athletes to improve their performance so that they can achieve their goals and play at a higher level. Our softball products and services are meant to follow that same goal. We want softball to keep growing, and we want women softball athletes to continue to excel and gain recognition for their amazing abilities. 

 We offer a number of Softball services and will continue to roll out new fastpitch softball products as we continue to develop our new business and website. We plan to add a number of demenstrational and coaching videos for softball, including drills videos, and videos for parents to teach their young athletes at home. 

Please keep in mind our site is still developing and we are growing everyday so that we can offer the tools and resources parents, athletes, and coaches need to be successful. 


Current Softball Services: 

If you are looking for softball lessons near the Redding Ca area then contact us. We offer different lessons depending on position, skill level, age, and more! We have a skilled and experienced team of Softball players including a division 1 softball catcher, pitcher, first basemen, third baseman, Traveling softball coach, Gold coach, and more!
Softball doesn't require you to run for miles at a time, but you do need to be fit and healthy to achieve high softball performance. We can help! Nutrition is at the core of performance and really can make a difference in you succeeding at your softball goals. Interested in the Paleo or Zone diet we can help and fully support these lifestyles.
Want to get stronger, more agile, improve coordination, drop body fat, and decrease your chances of injury with CrossFit. We offer one on one , team, group, and family CrossFit Coaching in Redding, CA. Natasha Hawkins is CrossFit level 1 certified as a trainer and owner/founder of Building a Better Athlete. We are also able to create CrossFit plans, workout plans and lifting instruction for those of you not located in the Redding area however you will need a gym membership or have CrossFit equipment available to you. Contact us for more information!
Want to learn the techniques that PAC-12 and Division 1 pitchers use for their success? We can help. Our Coaching staff has the knowledge and skills to coach you through drills, and improve your speed, movement, and mental toughness on the mound. Contact us in the form to the right for more information.

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Fastpitch Softball FAQ: 

How Can I earn a Softball Scholarship?

Earning a softball scholarship is difficult, but it's worth it! We have a number of softball athletes who have played fastpitch softball in college, and even in the Olympics! We know exactly what it takes to gain recruiting attention, stand out, and earn a softball scholarship. We have helped a number of athletes achieve division 1, division 2, and even PAC 12  scholarships for softball. 

At this time we are building out a number of instructional videos, and resources for parents and their athletes to follow so that they can get on the right path to achieving their goal of a softball scholarship. 

Read our blog: "How Can I Earn a Softball Scholarship?"

What Does It Cost to Play Softball?

Playing any sport can get expensive, and Fastpitch softball is no different. We know it gets expensive when you consider taking your athlete to the next level. The good news is this isn't our first rodeo. We know the costs, and know a few tricks to reducing them for your family and your softball player. 

Our site offers a number of resources to help you minimize the costs of playing softball, and other sports. Not to mention we offer worksheets, lists, and tracking resources to help you manage and track player expenses. 

Don't underestimate the costs of playing Fastpitch Softball, read our blog on costs, click here!

Do You Offer Nutrition Plans for Softball Athletes?

Building a Better Athlete understands and believes nutrition is at the heart of your softball performance. We have seen athletes compete at a higher level simply because they are stronger, and more agile because of their nutrition plan. 

We will be offering nutritional guidance and tips on our blog, and will offer nutrition planning and counceling to softball athletes. This might include:

  • Weekly meal plans
  • Meal Guides
  • Shopping Lists & Guides
  • Nutrition Coaching One-on-One through Skype
  • Nutrition Coaching Phone Calls
  • BMI Calculations
  • Cooking Guides and Demo's
  • Paleo Nutrition for Athlete Information

Check out our latest nutritional tips and articles on our blog!


How Can I Teach My Daughter to Be a Better Softball Player?

One of our missions with Building a Better Athlete is to provide parents with the tools, resources, and help they need to teach and coach their child. We understand you want to help, but might not know the fundamentals of softball, or know how to teach softball skills to your daughter, but that's where we can help! We want to do more than teach how to videos, we want to teach you how you can apply them, and teach the skills and fundamentals of softball to your child. 

We are creating a library of videos, programs, and resources for parents who want to learn the game of softball, and how to coach it. This is something very new and no one else offers. Our videos and programs will include but are not limited to: 

  • Softball Demo Videos
  • Instructional Hitting Videos
  • Instructional Slapping and Bunting Videos
  • Weekly Practice Schedules
  • Weekly Drills Planner
  • One-On-One Coaching Phone Calls
  • and More

If you would like to request an instructional program or video please contact us today! After all we want to give you what you need. 

Mike F.

Father of two Softball Players

I just wanna say thank you and let you know how much you inspired my family to acknowledge the goodness we already have and challenge us to become healthier and wiser about choices we make. Your demeanor is special, always positive and ethusiastic, affirming and with out question so encouraging.

Natalie H.

Mother of 3 Softball Players

I have three daughters who play softball at many different levels. One who has already graduated from playing softball on scholarship in college, another who currently pitches in the Pac-12, and my youngest who plays on traveling softball and is 12 years old. All three of them love Building a Better Athlete, and have learned a great deal from the blogs, articles, and lessons. If you are interested in playing softball competitively then they have the answers and can get you there!

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