Softball Lessons in Redding, CA

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Are you struggling to teach your daughter how to play softball and you really want them to get to the next level? Many parents want the best for their softball player, however when it comes to teaching the game, or specific skills they don't have the experience. In fact you might have already started to teach your child the basics of the sport, but are you teaching them correct fundamentals?


I see players everyday who have developed bad habits, or just weren't taught the correct fundamentals to make them a great player. If they only had a coach who had taken more time with them, or had lessons they could have been great, but now it's just too late. Colleges are finding players and committing to players when they are Freshman in High School! Yes I know that seems strange, but it's true! In fact Mia Comuso from Redding, Ca just agreed to play for the Oregon Ducks and she is a Freshman in High School. Why so soon?

Pitching Lessons

We offer pitching lessons that are customized to your athletes skill level. It is never too early to get your athlete started! All prices are hourly.




Catching Lessons

Learn the fundamentals of Catching, and even advanced college level catching skills from alumni Softball players.  We love to teach catching to athletes who are eager to learn. 


Hitting Lesson

Our hitting lessons include slapping, bunting, power hitting, and more! We value fundamentals and use drills that improve not only hitting technique but also mental toughness as a batter. 


Position Specific Lesson

If you are interested in a lesson specializing in your position or a position you would like to learn, we can help! 





Frequently Asked Questions About Softball Lessons

Below are a list of frequently asked questions by athletes and their parents on Fastpitch softball lessons. If you have any other questions about Fastpitch Softball or Lessons please don't hesitate to contact us!

How Old Do You Have to Be to Start Lessons?

Colleges recruit early, they  only have so much money in scholarships to offer and if you don't stand out at a Freshman in High School then you are losing out at any chance of making it to the Pac- 12. If your child starts taking softball lessons when they are young then they have a much higher chance at getting chosen early for a scholarship.

Why Do I Need Lessons? I Play On a Travel Team.

If you are a parent, and this is your first child to play in traveling sports then you are probably unaware of the recruiting and scholarship process. You probably have also asked " Why Do I Need to Pay for Lessons When I Already Pay for Travel Ball? " The truth is, many traveling teams are fast paced, practices have to cover a lot  and in a short amount of time. Traveling softball practices often compete for time with your school ball games and practices, and they also have to get games in on the weekends. This leaves small windows of time for special attention of your child. If your child want's to be a top-notch softball player then they have to put in the time and the work. Playing at a high level doesn't come easy, you have to be extremely good and stand out from the thousands of other softball players. Practicing once a week, or three times a week won't get this done, more time is needed.

Why Should I Pay for Lessons When I Can Do It Myself?

We know an extra 40-60 bucks an hour seems like a lot for a lesson, especially if you know the basics. And your right, if your child doesn't want to get a scholarship or play in the PAC-10 then don't pay for it. It will be a waste of money. However, if your child wants to play at that elite level it is necessary. I have found that parents who attempt to teach their children often have a hard time teach more advanced techniques. These are the techniques your child needs to make them the best.  The good news is, the knowledge and skills I have to offer are usually only found in the bay area, but I am offering them in the Northern California Area. This means no traveling for lessons, and I am even cheaper than most lessons!


12U Softball Player

I have learned so much from taking catching lessons from Natasha, I have learned how to block, how to talk and lead my team, and I feel like I have a lot more confidence behind the plate. 

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If you are interested in taking Softball lessons in the Redding, CA or have questions regarding Fastpitch Softball lessons we can answer them for you. Sign Up for Softball Lessons!

Our Experienced Coaches:

My name is Natasha Hawkins, I currently assistant coach on the California Grapette's 12U Softball Team, and am a CrossFit Trainer. I played traveling softball from the age of 10 until I was 18. I coached by Charley Hawkins, Ken Comuso, Wayne Stower, and Pat Dempsey during my years of travel ball. The summer before my Senior year of High School I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship to San Jose State to play division 1 softball. Starting all four years at first base and breaking multiple records. I also had the honor of being coached by Vicky Galindo who played on the US National Team, as well as Peter Turner Head Coach at San Jose State, and is the USA Men's Fastpitch Coach.


Position Experience:

From the time of 10 to 18 I played multiple positions, and I was initially signed and recruited for a position as a catcher and third baseman. However, I tore my ACL my Senior year playing Basketball in High School. This made catching a little difficult. During High School I also pitched and helped take Anderson High School into the Section Playoffs. I also pitched on my travel teams occasionally. While pitching is not my strongest position I have found from my experience as a catcher and also watching my sister Cheridan evolve into a PAC- 12 pitcher, I am able to communicate and teach pitching at a very high level. I also have several years experience coaching youth pitchers from the ground up.




Pay for Catching Lessons Online: 


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