Sports for Girls: Learn Why Girls Who Play Sports Are More Successful

Sports for Girls: Learn Why Girls Who Play Sports Are More Successful
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Do you want your little girl to be successful? How do you raise a successful athlete? These are questions many parents have. In fact you would be surprised at the number of parents who ask us what it takes for their children to be successful in sports, but what about success in life? Are girls who play sports more successful than those that don’t?

Anderson High School

Pacheco Basketball Team, in Anderson Ca

History of Sports for Girls

In 1972, landmark civil rights legislation banned sex discrimination in U.S. schools, both in academic subjects and in athletics. Popularly known as “Title IX,” the new law led to dramatic increases in female participation in sports at both elementary and secondary school levels and at colleges. (See “U.S. Gender-Equity Law Led to Boom in Female Sports Participation.”)   This was a great advancement for women and girls sports. Since this law, there have been a number of studies done to evaluate the effects of playing sports for girls.

In fact, a study published in 2007 on some long-term benefits of sports showed that playing on a high school sports team increased a young woman’s chances of graduating from college by 41 percent.

How Did Title IX affect the U.S ?

Betsey Stevenson, an economist at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, conducted a state-by-state analysis that showed that girls’ increased participation in sports since the passage of Title IX has had a direct effect on women’s education and employment. The study found that for 25- to 34-year-old women, Title IX and the ability to participate in sports made a difference in education and the rise of employment. Girls sports made up about 20 percent of the increase in education attainment and about 40 percent of the rise in employment.

“It’s not just that the people who are going to do well in life play sports, but that sports help people do better in life,” Stevenson said. “While I only show this for girls, it’s reasonable to believe it’s true for boys as well.”

Long Term Success as a Result of Girls Sports

While girls sports still don’t have the high profile that professional men’s sports have, or the high paychecks, there are still a number of reasons your child should be introduced to girls sports. They will actually be more successful long-term. There are have been links found that girls participation in sports through middle school and high school actually increased their achievement in adult life. Specifically showing high achievements in the business world.

Benefits of Girls Sports

Anderson High School Fastpitch Softball

Why Are Girls Who Play Sports More Successful in Business?

It is no accident that girls who play sports through High School and Middle School are more successful at Business. Business as a career demands and values teamwork, goal-setting, and the pursuit of success is valued.

80% of female executives at Fortune 500 companies identified themselves as former ‘tomboys’ that played sports. (Source: Women’s Sports Foundation Website).

More Long-Term benefits of Girls Sports

  • Girls who play sports in school are ‘less likely to get pregnant outside of marriage.”
  • Girls who play sports are more likely to have higher incomes.
  • Learn teamwork and goal-setting skills from working with coaches, trainers, and teammates. This is often practice for later in life.
  • Are less likely to smoke, and have a reduced chance of getting breast cancer and osteoporosis later in life.
  • Have high confidence
  • Better Grades

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