Sports Parent Involvement: Cut Stress Out, Increase Happiness!

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Sports parents have it rough. They often have practice, games, training, workouts, and family events they have to coordinate to keep everyone happy in their family and make sure they are doing the right thing for their kid. That’s a lot to handle and it can take a toll on any parent.

It is important to remember that sports parent involvement is extremely important, but some times you just deserve a break. I believe it is extremely important for sports parents to reward themselves, and keep in mind that if they become unhappy, cranky, and stressed than their involvement in their childs sports might be compromised.

That is why I have come up with three mistakes and ways to prevent making these mistakes when you are involved in your children’s sports. Involvement could range from shofering your children to games and practices, and coaching them. We understand every family is different, and it truly depends on your personality and time management in your family, however these three mistakes are the big nuggets you need to pay attention to.

Sports Parent Involvement that Leads to Stress and Frustration

Are you tired of running the kids from practice to games, school, and even the occasional birthday party? Many parents feel like all they do is drive from one place to the next, and never do anything for themselves, welcome to parenting. This happens to every parent no matter the sport. You feel like all you do is shofar the kids around. You lose track of who you are, what you like to do, and time alone. Your tired of listening to the music they like, and all you want to do is turn Madonna, or ACDC and relax, alone. The reality is you can’t. You have responsibilities, you’re a parent and somehow you have made your way into the wonderful world of a sports parent. If this sounds like you then you probably feel tired, frustrated, and you might not realize that your taking it out on your kids. After all it’s all about them, isn’t it. The sad thing is, this happens a lot. Parents get overwhelmed and exhausted and unleash their green monster personality on their children. Not on purpose, in fact you might not even realize it.

How can you prevent this negative sports parent involvement?

  1. Check yourself. In times of chaos and at your highest frustration times, ask yourself did they really do something so wrong, or are they just being kids?
  2. Try to think of your frustration and how tired you are on a thermometer. When you reach boiling points it is important to step back and cool off.
  3. Arrange for a play date, or sleep over where you have the night off. You drop the kids off and they stay with a friend, grandma, grandpa, an aunt, anyone you trust and you go take the night to do something for you.
  4. Another great tip some parents use is setting a day in the week that isn’t too busy and making it your day or evening. How do you recharge? Maybe a bath relaxes you, then take a bath that day. If you make it a priority and ask your family to protect your time they will understand, or they should at least.

These sports parents tips might seem a little cookie cutter, or out of reach at first, but give them a try. I promise the stress, and frustration will all be worth it when you send your athlete to college and they become successful.

Do you have a stressful sports parenting story you would like to share, leave your story in our comments section below. 


It's only fair to share...Pin on PinterestShare on Google+Share on FacebookPrint this pageTweet about this on Twitter

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