Lose Weight With A Smile – How to Track Progress

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We all start somewhere, no matter whether you are a fitness pro or a mom, you still have a starting point and a goal. But for some of us that might be a little less experienced than those fitness pros, tracking success can be really confusing. What should you track, how do you track, and more importantly, what should you ignore?


Does this sound familiar?

You make up your mind to go on the best diet possible, you are committed, and ready to see results. You go for a run, join a CrossFit gym, even make your lunch for a week. You step on the scale everyday and your losing weight! Then comes the Saturday, a night on the town and a bucket of popcorn later, you weigh on Sunday and have gained and weigh more than when you started! Then, wait for it… there it is, the freak out and binge. You fall off the wagon and in a few weeks start this cycle all over again.


Guess what? This blog is going to help you break the cycle!


 How to Track Your Fitness Progress:


Scales Can Lie:

It’s important to note that if you are strength training, your weight might stay the same, or you could even experience slight gains. Strength training is a great way to get stronger, and add muscle tone, but guess what? The scale might not budge, no matter how hard you work. The good news is, scales suck sometimes. They can discourage you, and even tell a few lies. So how can you make it past that number? Track body fat percentage.


Are you losing weight in the right places?

There is a lot going on with your body when your weight fluctuates. How do you know your losing what you want to lose? Measure your body. It’s easy, all you need is some measuring tape, and a notebook, don’t measure everyday, you will go crazy. Plan to measure on the same day of every month. Now this might sound easy, but it’s funny how we can sabotage even our best attempts at weight loss. Instead of measuring yourself, have a friend or family member measure you. It will help keep you accountable, and decrease the chances of forgetting to measure your progress.


How Does Your Body React to the Food Your Eating?

Consider your energy, how do you feel after you eat? Are you sluggish, or do you feel like your amped and ready to go for another workout? In my own personal experience this is really important. Food really plays a big part in our happy I am, in fact if I don’t eat my fiance kindly lets me know that I’m getting “Hangry,” an unpleasant combination of Angry and Hungry. If I don’t eat food that keeps me feeling light on my feet I get really upset, feel guilty, and worse get mad. Why is this? Because what you eat affects your body, and emotions. If your like me your an emotional eater. As soon as I get upset or angry I want to eat everything in my own little ” bad” food box that I have created in my head. Then I get even more hangry because I know I shouldn’t eat the food, but I want it really bad. This is like a daily struggle for me, a self-proclaimed fat kid, turned health junkie.How do I deal? I keep a food journal and track my moods when eating. In fact sometimes I ask myself before eating, are you hungry or are you being emotional? Usually if I take that little moment I can calm the beast. My fiance would love that I used the word “beast” and “hangry” in this blog by the way.

Keep an eye out for our next blog, it will review food journal apps, including ones that track with photos! We have been testing them out and I have to say I have fallen in love! 


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A little more about Natasha Hawkins...

Experience: Division 1 Fastpitch Softball player at San Jose State. Degree: B.S in Marketing and Advertising Certifications: Certified Level 1 CrossFit Trainer Interests: She loves the way the brain works and how personalities and attitude can create a warrior of an athlete that will always persevere and make success for themselves. While she is not a certified nutritionist she studies and practices the Paleo diet and Zone eating. Quirk: I am an avid archer and hunter. Yup, it's true. I have shot archery since I could walk, and hunted with my Dad since I was born. I also have a sister (Cheridan Hawkins) who is a stud pitcher for the Oregon Ducks Softball Team and is on the Junior Olympic Team. My youngest sister Charli Hawkins trains with me at CrossFit and is also a catcher on the 12U California Grapettes. Follow Natasha on Twitter: @NatashaBHawkins