Traveling Sports: 7 Tips to Decrease Theft, Burglary, and Crime

Traveling Sports: 7 Tips to Decrease Theft, Burglary, and Crime
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Safety and Sports for ParentsWith recent events that took place in Boston at one of the biggest sporting events of the year, the urge for awareness is crucial. I’m not talking about needing to be a paranoid freak, I’m talking about just noticing little things in life. This concept is all to important in the realm of traveling sports.


Dangers of Traveling On A Sports Team

A travel team does exactly what the name says it does, travel every week for multiple days at a time. This can be mentally taxing and financial taxing on a family so there is no need to allow this to be emotionally taxing. What i mean by this is you need to be aware of where you are and what your surroundings are. While traveling it is important to make sure you have your ducks in a row. Here are some tips for the traveling parent that can increase your awareness and also help minimize the chances of having an incident.

7 Tips for Traveling Parents to Increase Safety

An Empty House: Leaving town consistently on weekends, and for days at a time, allows your house to be vacant on a regular basis. This makes it a potential target for unwanted visitors (thieves). Be sure to lock all doors and windows, making it hard for thieves to access the house when tried. Also have a family member or a friend go to the house and collect the mail and turn some lights on. Doing this will create an illusion that someone is home.

Home Security System: Certainly a home security system is one of the best ways to deter burglary, as statistics show that a home without an alarm system is 2.7 times more likely to be burglarized; however, installation is costly and not every family can afford such a big step.

Hold Newspaper of Mail Service: One of the most well known tips in deterring burglars is to hold mail and newspaper delivery when you are leaving town. If you are only leaving town for a few days you may find that it is easier to have a neighbor pick up your mail and newspaper, but it is important that this is done in a timely manner to avoid tipping off potential intruders. Leaving newspapers in the driveway is one of the first signs that your home is unoccupied and if you have a regular mailbox leaving mail inside is an easy way for burglars to determine whether or not you are home. Some homes utilize lock box mail systems which avoid the necessity for stopping mail when leaving town for just a few days; however, homes that don’t use this system should stop mail for even the shortest absence as their mailbox can be opened easily by passersby.

Know Your Location: While traveling be aware of where you are at! Location, location, location. Get used to looking at street signs instead of listening to the GPS while chatting on your iPhone. Being able to give out your location is key in emergency situations.

Car Theft: When leaving your car unattended, whether it’s in the hotel parking lot or the parking lot of the field, be sure to remove all valuable items. If you must leave purses, phones, GPS’s, etc., place them in areas that aren’t visible from outside of the car. This cuts down likelihood of your car being broken into.

Keep Tabs on Your Children: Be aware of where your children are at all times. Many families have little ones running around while big brother/sister are playing in their game. As parents, it can get tough to focus on so many things at once because you want to be rooting for you kid and at the same time making sure your other kids aren’t running across the street or petting some weirdos dog. Have your kids, if old enough, check in every 5 minutes. This eliminates the time between sightings and allows you to focus a few minutes on the game at hand.

Suspicious Items: Lastly, be aware of any suspicious items. I know this is easier said than done but now a days you just never know if a backpack is really just a backpack. If you see someone acting suspicious or something is out of place, let someone know! It’s ok to be nosy, we would all rather it be a false alarm and know it’s a false alarm rather then it be a tragedy.

Remember it is important to have fun and spend these traveling years with your family, but being aware is part of having a fun and safe trip. Practicing the safety tips listed in this blog will drastically decrease your chances of theft, burglary, or other malicious acts.  Above all, have fun, play hard, and enjoy every minute of it!

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